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Dr. Stone: Master of Flame (s01, e14) – recap

We continue with the Grand Bout. Gifted with clear sight from Suika, Kinro beats down Magma and leaves him barely able to move. The Kingdom of Science begins to celebrate, but Magma convinces Kinro to ask the referee if the watermelon helmet is legal for the fight. While Kinro turns to the referee to ask, Magma sneaks up and cracks Kinro over the head smashing the helmet to pieces to open the episode.

Ps. We have a new opening theme.

Master of Flame

With Kinro out of the tournament, Senku calculates the chances of winning based on the damage Kinro dealt with Magma. Chrome versus Mantle (Magma’s friend) is next. Suika tries to run off and find Kohaku because she is still searching for her by the river. However, she ends up falling because she no longer has her glasses.

Luckily, Kohaku figures out what happened and sprints back to the tournament. Chrome is in the middle of his fight with Mantle. He plans to stall until Kohaku returns. However, Magma spots her and calls for Mantle to throw his fight.

Senku wins his match against Kohaku because she did not cross the bridge in time to start the fight. Originally the plan was for Senku to throw his fight with her, but now the plan has changed. Kohaku arrives at the tournament and gives Suika a huge hug because she is glad nothing happened to her.

The entire crowd assumes that Magma has won the Grand Bout but, Ginro still has a match. He’s been holding the raw ingredients for the special energy drink Senku made in his mouth in preparation for his match.

Chrome believes he’ll end up with a stomach ache, but Ginro believes he’ll acquire short-term enhanced powers. He manages to win his battle, but then the caffeine wears off and the runs kick in.

The next round in the tournament put Chrome versus Magma and Senku verses Ginro.

Chrome and Magma begin to fight and Magma takes a clear advantage over him. After minutes of being abused, Chrome grabs the leftover piece of Suika’s helmet and prepares it to create a fire.

Senku picks up on this and tells realizes that the shape of the lense will not allow him to make a fire on Magma’s black clothing. However, Chrome used his blood, sweat, and tears to alter the lenses from concave to convex and that is how he plans to start the fire. As Senku is explaining this to the group, everyone realizes that Asagiri Gen has returned.

Senku deduces that Chrome needs 60 seconds to create the fire. Asagiri decides to taunt and trick Magma in the interim to buy time. The trick works and Chrome calms his mind and holds still long enough to catch Magma’s clothing on fire.

Chrome wins by pushing Magma in the ocean.

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