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Opinion: Do we need the Flash adaption from DCEU?

This may sound biased, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about The Flash. Most specifically about how the CW has portrayed Barry Allen, Iris West-Allen and the rest of Team Flash.

What do I mean?

CW’s The Flash has been active since 2014. If we focus solely on Barry Allen, we see him transition from a bright-eyed, optimistic hero who overcomes adversity despite losing his parents to a dependable hero that overcomes adversity no matter what. He’s surrounded by Joe, Iris and other friends that help him remember his mission and persevere.

As the seasons have progressed, we see his relationship with Iris develop. He gains his best friends, Cisco and Caitlin. Plus, we meet characters that both challenge and humble Barry along the way.

Even when season 5 stalled and was hard to follow until midway through the season, I still think the creators of the show were trying to add depth to the story line. Especially since Cicada was a decoy villain and the Reverse Flash was still the ultimate villain of The Flash. (Season 5 review here)

I say all that to say this.

CW and DC Comics have done a great job bringing characters in and out of Barry Allen’s life. I think the character development has been fun to watch for all of the characters involved. Plus, the crossovers with the other shows in the Arrow Universe are a highlight of the season.

How will The Flash be better in the DC Extended Universe?

I understand that different universes allow for different opportunities. But, the CW Barry Allen is beloved at this point. Do we really need a DCEU adaptation of The Flash?

I don’t know how many more seasons the CW has in mind for Team Flash, but let’s assume The Flash has at least 2 or 3 more seasons. Arrow is ending due to its “natural conclusion” in season 8. The Flash is in season 6 and in my opinion, The Flash is the favorite out of every show running in the Arrow-verse.

If the DCEU absolutely has to make a movie for the Flash, why not wait until after the CW iteration has completed? The movie has already been delayed before, just delay it again until The Flash on CW reaches its natural conclusion.

Nevertheless, The Flash starts October 8 at 8 pm on the CW. I look forward to following along in the season with you.

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