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Easy guide to level up to 900 light, 920 light for raid | Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

A big piece of playing any looter shooter involves optimizing your gear set to be most efficient in the game. In the Destiny universe, we have been grinding for gear since 2014. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is no different. (Full Destiny 2: Shadowkeep review available here).

I will admit that in this latest experience of leveling up, it felt more seamless. Considering the battle pass is new, I believe it does serve its purpose correctly. All of the work you do and the experience you gain during your play session is going somewhere. That is apparent when you receive a reward for your battle pass.

Also, as you are trying to level up to 900 light, you feel your progress because most gear drops are increasing your light level. So if you are not rushing to prepare for the raid, you’ll be just fine.

My goal is to share how I leveled up to 900 light. I think it’s the most think-less, easy way to do it without thinking about the numbers and driving yourself crazy (if you have some time to invest).

Level Up Suggestions to 900 (soft-cap):

Before you travel to the moon, take inventory of your currency.

How many Vanguard, Crucible, and Destination tokens do you have?

How many bounties (if any) have you saved up?

Do not use them yet!

Clean out your carry on. 

Go to the tower, open your vault, and remove everything that is not equipped. So that you don’t have a lot of 750 gear on you.

If you need to, you can always use an inventory app (Destiny Item Manager or Destiny App) to get something you think you need.

Suggestion 1: Use your blues, do not infuse

Blue drops are your friend! Do not be afraid to wear blue gear as it comes. Replace your gear as it drops and dismantle lower level gear to gain glimmer and materials. For example, if you have on a 760 helmet and you get a 777 one, swap them out immediately and dismantle the lower light gear.

Suggestion 2: Start the story, but don’t finish it

In my opinion, going through the story will give you drops to help you level up steadily. So you don’t have to refrain from starting the story.

However, Eris will prompt you to finish your Essence quests to acquire the rest of your Dreambane gear. IF YOU COMPLETE THE BOUNTIES, DO NOT TURN THEM IN, YET. 

The Dreambane gear drops above your light, so I suggest holding on to that gear until you get as high as you can in light before acquiring it.

Suggestion 3: Public Events, Patrols, and Strikes/Crucible 

When you reach the mission to complete the Essence bounties, stop the main story and do some side quests. I took a poll with some of my clan mates. The majority said public events is the easiest option. You can pair public events with patrols and get double done in less time.

However, some people opt to grind crucible and strikes. They are both viable options. I’d suggest picking up bounties as well and completing as much as possible. Even though the bounties don’t give gear, they give experience toward your battle pass. Plus, you gain more tokens which will help you with my next suggestion.

Suggestion 4: Save your tokens for last

Once you’ve gotten to the point in the grind where you just do not feel like it anymore. Visit Zavala and Shaxx. I reached this point around 870 light. I went to Zavala and spent all of the tokens I had. Then I walked over to Shaxx and spent most of my tokens. 

I stopped spending with Shaxx because he kept giving weapons and that wasn’t moving my light level. So I gave up and went back to the story. 

Suggestion 5: Pick up your Dreambane armor 

I picked up my Dreambane armor at 880 and finished the story. 

Note: Talk to Ikora

Once you finish the story, you have to go to the tower and speak to Zavala and Ikora. Do not talk to Ikora until you hit 900. She gives you an exotic.

After you hit 900, your milestones will show up on the map and you can start to go to max level.

Hitting max level & Contest Modifier for the Garden of Salvation (raid)

For the raid, the contest modifier will lock your light at 920. So my goal is to reach 920.

I’ve heard the competitive crucible playlist will reward you accordingly and I’ve heard Devrim Kay will give you gear at your current light level (if you are willing to use the resources).

Once I hit the 920-950 threshold, I will put a leveling guide up saying exactly what I did. I’ll be grinding for that. I’m sure there are a few available already, but I usually go at a slower pace so that I can enjoy the game and not stress about it. 

But, before Friday I do hope to be at a comfortable light level for the Garden of Salvation raid that goes live on Saturday.

Also note, I didn’t play much on Tuesday because of time constraints. I played 4 hours on Wednesday, and 8 hours on Thursday and still hit the soft cap while moving at a slower pace. 

Please read my overall review of the campaign for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep by clicking this link.

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