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Dr. Stone: Masked Warrior (s01, e13) – Recap

In this episode of Dr. Stone, Chrome, Ginro, and Senku return to camp with the Sulfuric Acid. Kohaku gets excited because the assumes the antibiotic will be created instantly. However, Chrome quickly deflates her by telling her that there are still steps to take before the medicine is complete.

Masked Warrior

Dr. Stone roadmap

Chrome and Senku begin to put together the ingredients needed to make the antibiotic. Once they’ve gathered everything, they realize they have to prepare alcohol. Kaseki informs them that alcohol is apart of the prize for the winner of the Grand Bout (the tournament for Ruri’s hand in marriage and rule over the village).

Senku has been with this group for 6 months and The Kingdom of Science has been preparing for the Grand Bout. Senku planned to prepare an energy juice for everyone.

Kaseki, Kohaku, Kinro, Senku, Suika, Ginro, and Chrome
(l/r) Kaseki, Kohaku, Kinro, Senku, Suika, Ginro, and Chrome

They planned to have all hands on deck in the tournament to increase their chances. Senku hoped that Kinro would not go up against Magma until the last round, but they end up being paired in the first round.

Ginro ends up eating the ingredients raw after due to an anxiety attack believing that their plan is failing. Suika rushes off to get more ingredients. She is tied up on a tree by a man from the village named Mantle.

Senku arrives in the village square and his name resonates with Ruri. She runs out to meet him. As she tries to ask him questions because she thinks she knows him from the past, but she falls weak to the ground. Senku asks for a question and answers session after the Kingdom of Science wins the bout.

Mantle then runs screaming to the village where the Grand Bout is set to begin. He tells everyone that Suika is drowning. No one believes him, but Kohaku does not want to risk it.

She goes to save her, but Suika arrives back at the village soon after she leaves. She begins to observe Kinro and Magma’s fight. She realizes that Kinro has the fuzzy sickness and throws her watermelon helmet to him. Kinro catches the helmet and instantly powers up.

Kinro with Suika's helmet on.

He beats Magma with speed, agility, and skill. This knocks Magma out of the tournament and leaves him victorious.

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