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The I-Land will leave you confused (Netflix)

I started watching The I-Land after stumbling across it on Netflix in the late night. I was very intrigued by the show. It’s a 7 episode series about certain death row inmates looking for redemption after committing crimes in their life.

Sounds straightforward enough until you realize that nothing makes sense at all. All of the criminals were dropped on an island with no memories of their life. The goal is to see if they could change their behavior with new circumstances. However, throwing them in an environment with different types of people hindered that because right away there were trust issues and confusion.

Chase, The I-Land

The group wakes up on an island. The main character, Chase is set apart from everyone right away because her outfit (though similar) is different from everyone else’s. She is clearly ostracized for no reason other than she has to be for the story to work.

Some of the other characters made a bigger impression than others. Like KC. She is the first character Chase meets and a class A jerk who clearly is just a hater.

Brody is only memorable for being an aggressive, power-hungry raper. Donavon was psychotic and obsessive, Cooper was low key, Mason was quiet and until you find out his crime you kind of think he is normal.

Moses, Blair, Hayden were all forgetful. They had moments of importance but those moments were fleeting and didn’t add anything to the story.

The I-Land

Taylor was the most annoying character on the show. When I say from beginning to the end it was hard to deal with her, it was hard. She didn’t want to help prepare camp, she wanted to sunbathe, sit around, and whine. I couldn’t take it. It was lucky that they ended her story line 5 episodes in by leaving her on Island II with a cannibal.

There is a plot twist that I will not spoil, however, I will say that it was a complete cop-out dealing with the main character. All of the other characters ended up seeing exactly what crime they did because luckily their memories came back. However, Chases’ memories never fully came back. So we never find out her perception of the crime she was associated with.

The I- Land

Chase was later pulled out of the simulation and we never found out what happened to the other characters left on the island. They must have been white noise and distractions with no real purpose.

The story revolved around Gabriela Chase and no one else was important. And if I’m being real, nothing was resolved. The I-Land is a very binge-worthy show. I watched 5 episodes until 2 in the morning and stopped only because KC pissed me off. So I will suggest this show. However, don’t expect to get any answers.

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