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Why should you watch Carol and Tuesday? (Netflix)

Carol and Tuesday is a cute story about two girls living on Mars. They are heading on their paths when they meet on a whim. But once they experience music together, they form an unbreakable bond and decide to pursue a career in music. A video of them singing goes viral due to a music producer being present in a music hall that they played in. From there they meet a music manager and begin the hard road to stardom.


The duo goes through a series of events while trying to get a recognized. They try to appeal to a conceded DJ, they perform at a small club, and even momentarily fill in for a big rock act during a festival. All of those events add to the experience of Carol and Tuesday and they end up entering a talent contest to win a record deal.

The first episodes follow Carol and Tuesday and run parallel to a childhood model turned singer named Angela. Unlike Carol and Tuesday, Angela’s mother linked her with a producer that uses A.I (artificial intelligence) to make hit songs.

Carol and Tuesday cross paths with Angela during the talent contest. When the group joins the music competition, we meet a lot of weird and colorful characters. Carol and Tuesday are even called the most ordinary contestants by the panel judges. But I will admit that we hear a lot of good music during the competition.

Eventually, towards the end of the first season, some dramatic events threaten Carol and Tuesday’s pairing. But, things resolve pretty quickly and they have a happy ending to part one of the story.

Why should you watch Carol and Tuesday?

Being as Netflix is releasing a lot of content in parts, I’ll be waiting for part 2 of Carol and Tuesday because I genuinely enjoyed binging the 12 episodes that are available now. I won’t spoil anything. But if you are looking for a light-hearted show to watch, I do suggest this one.

This anime has an amazing soundtrack. The songs are so good that I went on YouTube to try and find a playlist. I ended up finding it the Carol and Tuesday Vocal Collection Vol. 1. I may be late to the party, but at least I arrived. I hope you can enjoy this anime as well.

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