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Hustlers (2019) is a girls night film (review)

This movie is hilarious. I know it’s based on a true story and these are people’s lives, however, the way the characters are portrayed made me laugh out loud a lot during this movie. At least for the first act.

Jennifer Lopez as Ramona is charming and larger than life. I know she’s supposed to be acting, but the entire time she was on the screen I keep saying, “Look at JLO”. It wasn’t until the mean and stubborn side of the Ramona character came to the front that her character was slightly unlikeable.

The Dorthy/Destiny character was very naive and I kept feeling like her face was so familiar, but I could figure it out. I did hate her hair the entire movie, but that’s semantics.

Keke Palmer didn’t have much screen time, but she made a lasting impression during the moments where she was on the screen. This includes when they were dropping an unconscious mark off to the emergency room, but she did not want to go into the hospital. Her reaction was priceless. Her character would rather run home in a denim bathing suit, than wait to be driven home after taking the man into the hospital. This was one of the most memorable moments of the movie.

Also, Cardi B wasn’t in the movie very long, but I appreciated her scenes.

The unlikeable feelings that were forming about the Ramona character (due to Dorthy’s recount of how things went sour) ended up going away by the end of the movie because we find out that Ramona really wasn’t using Dorthy and she was truly her friend. The group just so happened to get caught up due to bad staffing decisions. Or at least that’s how the movie portrayed it.

By the way, I’m pretty sure some of the scene’s from the trailer did not make it into the final cut. That’s just an observation.

Hustlers is a girl’s night movie. Grab your friends and go have a good time. The film isn’t very long and I was expecting there to be more salacious material, but because there wasn’t, I believe the movie was more enjoyable.

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