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Dr. Stone S1, E8 | Stone Road (recap)

In episode 8, we find out that Kohaku was disowned by her family due to her adventurous side. Even so, she continues to venture out. Rori doesn’t want her sister to be disowned so to divert attention away from her sister’s antics she faints during a town hall discussion. The topic is Kohaku bringing Senku (the outsider) to the gates of the town.

Dr. Stone antibiotic

Meanwhile, Chrome, Kohaku and Senku try to figure out how to make an antibiotic for Rori. The goal is to cure her and get Senku accepted into town.

Senku maps out all of the ingredients they need to make the antibiotic and the plan is to gather those things to cure Rori.

Stone Road

In the interim, Senku continues to education Chrome on the workings of the world and space. Chrome tries to impress Senku by showing him how to determine true north ursine a magnet creating a compass, but Senku recognizes the technique. He’s still impressed though.

Kohaku tells Chrome and Senky that the village thinks they are suspicious sorcerers. When a child named Suika shows up and offers to help them and join the Kingdom of Science. Senku says yes and exclaims that the Kingdom of Science doesn’t turn anyone away. Suika is very enamored because of his response to her. She has a watermelon on her head and people usually treat her different, but he didn’t.

Suika, Dr. Stone


Ruri taught Kohaku about the dangers of the woods and educated her as well. Senku is intrigued and wants to talk to her and find out what else she knows. He declares they must save. This causes Chrome to mildly freak out because he has a slight romantic interest in her.

Ginro, a village guard, wants to go help Senku and the others. But is held back because “rules are rules” as stated by Kinro. So they both stay at the gate of the village.

Senku states that manpower is a top priority for the group to be successful in creating the antibiotic. He wants to lure Ginro and the rest of the village to help. Suika says she can disguise herself as a watermelon to hear what people want so they can appeal to them and gain their help.

Food is science

Suika reports that Ruby, Sapphire, and Garnet want boyfriends. They are the town’s prettiest women. One specifically wants a boyfriend to feed her. Ganen, the town glutton, wants food other than fish.

So Senku plans to make a dish every on in the old world can appreciate.


Ramen, dr stone.

He made them ramen. Chrome, Suika, and Kohaku love it, but Senku remembers what it should taste like and isn’t happy. However, he believes it will work in his favor with the village.

They roll the ramen to the village gate with a food cart and the townsfolk start to approach them as the episode ends.

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