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Why should you watch Cannon Busters? (Netflix)

I never read the comic book series, but after seeing the pilot episode I thought Cannon Busters looked like a good animated series. I have to admit from the preview that I saw, I had Vash the Stampede vibes from Trigun, but after watching a hand full of episodes I realized that Cannon Busters is its own entity that is not as similar as it seemed at first glance.

Minor Spoilers

Philly the kid, casey, sam


It’s a seemingly post-apocalyptic cowboy world where magic once flourished, but after the King of Botica put some sort of deal in place, it ended the sorcerers era and technology followed. The main male protagonist, Philly the Kid is a cursed renegade with a bounty on his head. He links up with two droid bots (Sam and Casey) on Sam’s mission to reach the Prince Kelby (heir to the Botica throne) after they were separated during an attack on the kingdom.

Cursed to be immortal, Philly the Kid seems to have an aimless path. He’s just dodging bounty hunters. Sam recruits him to help her find the prince based on his reputation alone. After a magical Fetter brings back repressed memories of Prince Kelby’s father killing his family, his motivations change, and he uses his relationship with Sam and Casey to find Kelby and eliminate him.

Philly the kid, cannon busters, netflix

Why should you watch Cannon Busters?

They encounter bounty hunters, augmented subjects of Emperor Locke (the assumed dead child of the current king) and other zany characters. But out of all of the characters in the show, Sam is the most genuine and she’s a droid. More specifically she’s a War Golem created by Prince Kelby’s father to guard him as well as be a companion.

This is a fun series to watch. Philly the Kid has a cool character arc. You almost don’t know what to think about him. You hope he’s not capable of treachery, but you can tell he has a wild past and you don’t fully know what he is capable of even in last episode of the season.

The intricacies of Sam and her inner workings are interesting as well. Especially when you realize she is a war bot, but she has naive feelings as well. Plus, they set up the second season very well and the continuation of the story is hopefully going to produce more content for Philly the Kid and his group of allies.

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Cannon Busters is available on Netflix now.

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