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The Boys will challenge your love for superheroes | Amazon Prime Video (review)

I hesitated to watch The Boys because I thought it’d be corny (for a lack of a better word). I was mistaken. The Boys is the best episodic piece of original content that I’ve seen all year thus far.

Homelander is the most memorable character in the show. He creeped me out from the moment he showed up on the screen. I don’t know if its make-up or the actor (Anthony Starr) is just that good, but he 100 percent made me hate him and feel uncomfortable.

Butcher is another character that captivates you from beginning to the end of the season. His take no prisoners, trust no one attitude is a played on very well throughout the show. Plus, as the story of his wife Becca unfolds, you start to understand his motives and reasons for his behavior.

The Story

After a Hughie, a computer store tech, watches his girlfriend get plowed through by “the world’s fastest man” A-Train, he’s approached by Butcher to get revenge or the superheroes that have taken over the world.

We find out that Butcher believes Homelander, this universes Superman, had something to do with his wife’s disappearance. Hughie, along with Mother’s Milk and Frenchie, joins Butcher to take down the supers and the company that represents them, Vought.

Things go array when Hughie begins to fall for Starlight, another hero and Homelander catches on to Butcher’s plan.

Why should you watch The Boys?

This show is every superhero fan’s nightmare. What would you do if you found out your favorite superhero was actually a part of some maniacal plan to take over the world?

It would ruin everything. We’re in a world where Superhero movies are the biggest box office in the world because they represent hope. But these characters (loosely based on the DC Justice League) are manufactured by a corporation.

This show deals with everything from politics, to the military, to sexual assault, and total corruption of the people that are meant to be a symbol of peace.

It’s a great watch and with only eight episodes for season 1, it’s absolutely binge-worthy. Plus, there are plans for season 2 and the cliff-hanger for season 1 was unexpected, so nows the time to catch up.

This show made me side-eye my favorite fictional superheroes. That’s how well the show creators paint these characters as corrupt. It’s definitely a show worth giving a try on Amazon Prime Video.

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