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Opinion: The trouble with some remakes and reboots

It seems like a lot of properties are being redone in entertainment. From television shows like 90210 to anime like Fruits Basket, and pretty much any film. I understand that technology is better now, the production value is much better, and there may even still be stories left to tell. But, there are two main problems that I have with remakes and reboots. I’ve kindly listed them below.

Not extraordinary

More often than not, when you see a movie or a show that is being remade it’s going to be underwhelming. Especially if you remember the original fondly. I ask you to think about any live-action Disney remake of a 1990’s movie. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King were all blockbuster properties in the ’90s and still hold memories for many people. But the live-action remakes leave something to be desired.

Most recently, Disney released the Lion King and it did great at the box office. However, the Lion King didn’t add anything to the experience. In my honest opinion, the Lion King is an epic story. However, Disney’s remake left a lot to be desired. There was no facial motion capture for the lions, which made it hard for the actions to convey emotion. In the cartoons, the animation sold the emotion as well as vocal performance. That was sorely missing in the 2019 version.

But, Maleficent is actually a really go re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty. It reinvents the characters in an exciting way and opens up the lore and the world the way the animated version never could because Maleficent is an evil queen.


Sometimes the property is overdone. For instance, Spider-Man is walking that fine line of being overused. However, Sony’s partnership with Marvel created a new life for the character. The Avengers is such an epic story that it helped reinvent the way we identify Peter Parker. We now have a connection to him through Tony Stark a beloved character and that allows us as viewers to invest in Parker’s story moving forward in the MCU.

But let’s look at X-men. Sony released movies spanning back to 2000 and just relinquished ownership of the property with Dark Phoenix. After all of the lightweight reboots within the series, there was nothing to care about and no character besides Charles Xavier and Magneto to invest in.

Another movie that has been overdone is Batman. We had great movies spanning from 1989 to 1997 (even though they all had different actors playing Bruce Wayne), The Christopher Nolan series from 2005 to 2012 was excellent, and then the DCEU launched with Batman vs. Super and had nothing spectacular to add.

How many times can you reboot a property before enough is enough?

However, sometimes things work out. Let’s look at the anime, Dororo. Dororo re-imagined an entire series. It was adapted from manga to an anime in 1964, then made into a live-action property in 2007. Now, with its remake in 2019, it is one of the best anime’s released this year.

The series looks and feels completely different from its 1964 predecessor. Dororo has a personality of its own and draws in an entirely new audience that didn’t know it existed. I wrote a full review of it discussing how it is the best remake I’ve experienced in recent history.

I understand that there is a market begging for remade and rebooted properties. However, I just wish the concepts were looked at realistically so that the final product is amazing. Plus, everything doesn’t need to be remade. There are plenty of original properties waiting to be released.

But that’s just my opinion.

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  1. There’s way too many remakes going on which is just too absurd. The Disney examples are far too obvious. Recently, they’ve really been reaching to the 90s kids with all these movies. When I heard there was going to be a “live-action” (I use that term loosely) Lion King remake, I just facepalmed. Why would you make a movie like that with no human characters and the fact that it’s been exposed how The Lion King totally plagiarized Kimba the White Lion (Fun fact: Osamu Tezuka created both Kimba AND Dororo for those scoring at home. Let that sink in.). It’s just a cheap nostalgia ploy to make more money without really trying. Now, I’m not against remakes on principle because they can be done right or use a property in new ways, but it seems more of a cop out with the movie industry. I do agree so many superhero movies have been fatiguing with the remakes and various sequels going on. I personally have superhero burnout.

  2. 1 think that some of your point are completely valid. Especially regarding Disney reboots like the Lion King, and Tarzanit just
    doesn’t hit the same emotional punch or storyline in a live action atmosphere compared to the animated 90’s counterparts. However,there are some reboots that improve on the original versions. A great example of this was Aladdin in my opinion,it added depth to many of the characters such as Jaffar, and especially Jasmine. No longer is she hindered by the wished of her father to marry, while she was strong headed in the animated movie it ultimately did little difference in changing her outcome.In the live action version,sheis a more outspoken, sophisticated individual who speaks her own mind and has her own opinions.

    Additionally, at least from a cultural standpoint,this film adheres more the cultural norms of Arabian society. Women of royalty don’t go wander the halls of palace in a crop top exposing midriff area and in a silk outfit that is almost see through and tight.
    While it is sexy and more eye candy and I was totally crushing on when I was a teen, it is not culturally correct or make sense for the time period.
    On to your point about superhero reboots being overdone,I can see where you are coming from. It can get repetitive that
    superheroes get rebooted almost every 2-3 years especially in the case of Spiderman and Batman. However,superfilms have a rare comodity that most reboots don’t have, and that is a plethora of source material and interpretation. Most of these superheroes have been around since the the 60’s or even earlier, therefore they have decades of stories from which to draw upon, so each reboot can tell a different story or take a different twist on the character. That in my opinion is what makes superhero film reboots so much fun to watch. It has almost become a tradition for us comic book and superhero fans, who will be playing our beloved hero? What villians will get the spotlight this time? How will it be different from other reboots? Also,it is not like allsuperhero films are reboots. There are some like Iron Man, Thor or even Captain American that are not reboots…. the reason why many reboots happen in the first placeis because film is not like television,you can’t have 20 to 23 movies to flesh”
    out a long overarching storyline.You usually have a story that fits into a trilogy time slot so if you have an ambitious story that you
    “want to tellor want to revamp it completely,you reboot the series. “

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