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Swamp Thing S01 E07: Brilliant Disguise (review)

Watching this show is so confusing at times. Especially in regards to Lucille’s relationship with Avery Sunderland. Avery doesn’t even like his wife, Maria. So how does Lucille think that he has feelings for her even though they hook up now and then?

Last week, Lucille found out about Avery blackmailing Matt (her son) over dirty dealings that she has been doing over the years. Apparently, she thought that she and Avery had a connection the transcended him being married because she was quite surprised when Matt told her what was going on.

Fast forward to the end of the episode and Matt found out that his efforts to kill Alec Holland failed. My major concern was that Matt would tell Avery even though the only reason he attempted to kill Alec in the first place was due to Avery blackmailing him.

Spoilers ahead

Matt Cable and Abby Arcane, Swamp Thing

Surprise! Matt definitely told his mom. At first, I didn’t think he did, but he freely gave Liz a bunch of information about Alec in the swamp and Abby’s involvement.

What if Liz didn’t know anything? Matt just put her in danger all because he wanted to sulk in the bar and contemplate his transfer out of Marai.

Anyway, Matt expresses that he’s worried all of the supernatural happenings are just coincidence, which they aren’t. He’s probably more worried about the consequences of his part in Alec’s demise more than anything.

Back in the swamp, Abby and Alec are having a date with Alec looking like his human self courtesy of The Green. In the previous episode, Alec spawned a flower out of his hand that released a hallucinogen. Now Abby can see Alec in his true form versus the plant monster he’s become.

The Green vs. The Darkness

Alec has become one with The Green at this point and shows Abby some of his abilities. She’s still set on curing him so they go to an area described as The Rot. It’s where the darkness has thrived the most.

Abby believes getting a sample of The Rot could lead to a breakthrough in the cure development, so they take a field trip to the area.

I was honestly hoping for more Tree Zombies. They didn’t show up, but The Darkness tried to amputate Abby’s arm while she’s taking a sample, so I was satisfied. The Darkness left her arm mangled and Alec had to save her.

Meanwhile, Lucille went to Avery’s house while he was preparing for a dinner meeting with his Conclave Group investor Nathan Ellery.

I knew! I knew that the Conclave had to be holding Avery’s debt over his head. He was way too frazzled and eager to use Dr. Woodrue’s scientific discovery without proper testing.

Lucille confronts Avery about blackmailing Matt but also tells him that Alec is still alive. Matt did tell his mom about seeing Alec in the swamp because he was freaked out and didn’t want to get in trouble for attempted murder.

Moving on, Avery goes with Lucille to the swamp under the pretenses that they are going to get rid of Alec once and for all, but really Lucille is just trying to kill him. Things are going according to plan until Avery gets suspicious and almost blows Lucille away.

She tries to play the “I thought we loved each other” card and honestly I think he was still going to shoot. Luckily, Matt showed up in time to knock him over the head.

Here’s my thing, why didn’t they just finish the job right then? Why would you put him back on the boat and then dump him overboard?

Anyway, Avery ends up waking up and everything turns to crap. There’s a shouting match between Avery and Lucille. Avery distracts Matt “I am your father” style.


Matt ends up being stabbed by Avery and then Lucille puts three shotgun shells in Avery’s body before he jumps into the swamp.

I’m pretty sure The Darkness is going to absorb him just like The Green absorbed Alec. It’s inevitable.

“All we have is right here, right now” – Abby Arcane

Abby Arcane, Swamp Thing Alec Holland

Abby is very injured and sick due to The Darkness poison, but Alec saves her and then they share a kiss because – love. Alec ends up telling Abby to leave Marai because it’s dangerous and there is nothing else she can do for him.

Now, it’s obvious that somehow Alec and Abby are in love. I don’t really know when that happened because they only knew each other for a day or two before he got blown up. But who am I to say that Abby couldn’t be completely interested in a plant/animal hybrid man, I guess.

Abby tells Liz that she’s driving back to Atlanta because that’s where she’ll have the most resources to form a cure.

Full Funding

Matt and Lucille stumble up the docks next to the Sunderland home. Remember he’s been stabbed. A doctor meets them and Maria lets them in the kitchen to stitch him up.

Turns out she was completely aware that Matt and Lucille wanted to kill Avery. In fact, she was in on it because she wanted to take over his company. Which she successfully showed that she could by winning over the Conclave investor at dinner regarding Woodrue’s breakthrough. Even though technically Daniel Cassidy is still in the hospital sedated because he’ll turn into a blue devil monster if he’s not.

Details, details.

As I assumed, Avery is still alive and makes his way to land in the swamp.

Avery Sunderland

A serious question though for Lucille. How do you plot to kill the man you’ve been hooking up with on the side for years and have a son by with his wife? But then again he was going to kill Lucille first he was just too slow.

Either way, Avery is still alive and I’m betting that he’ll absorb some mystical powers too.

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