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I’m playing career mode in F1 2019 and … (review)

Over the last year, my interest in Formula One racing has really ramped up. My official introduction to the sport came in 2001 thanks to Sylvester Stallone’s Driven, but more on that later.

My interest in Formula One has led me to watch every race in the 2019 season, so when I realized a new racing game was being released, I figured I’d give it a try.

Game Play

F1 2019 released June 28, 2019
F1 2019 released June 28, 2019

This being my first Formula One gaming experience, I didn’t know what to expect from the career mode. I honestly appreciated the Formula Two introduction to the circuit. It was a nice starting point for the game.

There were little story elements that made the game interesting, plus the opponents that you come into contact with had some personality.

The racing component started off simple enough in F2, but once you accepted your offer with an F1 team a whole new world opened up. I’ll compare it to the Batman: Arkham series. Once you choose your team, you are able to see what upgrades your car needs in order to be competitive.

As you play through the game with practice and qualifying, you gain points that allow you to unlock upgrades to have a better pace during the race.


This game is so involved! Your engineers are in your ear letting you know what to do in order not to botch up your race. You have to choose what strategy to accept to give you the best chance during your performance. You have to pay attention to your tire health and your engine health. And depending on what team you choose, you may still suffer on the circuit.

I was completely and positively surprised at the amount of involvement from the player character. I actually have even more of an appreciation for the sport since I assume that it’s much harder to plan all this out in real life.

I also think my dad will really like this one. He’ll enjoy unlocking the legends and classic cars, so he’ll get a copy for sure.

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